The Third Sex Thule Society​

Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, and Trans-sexual Gentiles, properly known as the Third Sex, have always served as a creative force for Gentile Pagan [Satanic] civilizations. The Jewish poisons of Judeo/Christianity, Islam, and their twin, Communism, have destroyed all of this to the point that many of today's modern Third Sex people have no recollection of their sacred Satanic past or have any idea of their future roles in rescuing our Gentile peoples from Jewish world domination.

The purpose of this website is to wake as many Third Sex Gentiles [non-Jews] from their current Marxist comas as possible, and return these children of Satan to their natural Pagan roles as civilization-builders and maintainers of Gentile cultures.  This is much more serious than most people realize, and time is of the essence.

The Jewish people have absolutely no culture or civilization of their own. It is high time that we stop allowing them to steal from ours. It is our Satanic duty to usher in Satan's Kingdom on Earth. This is National Socialism, which in its true and original Pagan form, is accepting of the Third Sex population.  The only way we can do this is to awaken all Gentiles and stick together within our respective racial communities and utterly destroy Judeo/Christianity, Islam, and Communism in every form that they come in.  The end of these kosher institutions is the end of the Jewish people, and they know it. 

One of the noble functions of our Third Sex Pagan past was the Divine role of spiritual intermediaries between our Gentile, especially Aryan tribes, and our Gods [Satan and his Demons].  Likewise, we protected our Gentile races and Nations as Warriors and Leaders.  Heterosexual people have provided the physical offspring, along with their own special talents, while we have given our peoples Arts, Crafts, Medicine, Science, Literature, Philosophy, Religion [Paganism/Satanism], Spirituality, and Leadership.  Since Nature has seen to it that there will always be Third Sex people born to heterosexual parents for each and every generation, we are blessed with our Satanic responsibilities to our peoples.

This is the purpose of the Third Sex Thule Society.  Nature's Laws are Satan's Laws, and we uphold these Laws, despite what our deluded Christian opponents who think they know what Nature intended, like to believe.  We are rescuing ourselves from Jewish liberalism and freeing ourselves from cultural Marxism, which is secular Christianity.  We know that Christianity is a Communist doctrine, regardless of whether it comes in its liberal or conservative forms, and we recognize that ALL Christianity benefits the Jewish people and no one else.  We are finished helping the Jews work for our death and destruction.

As Satanists who embrace true National Socialism, which is Satanic Government that is based upon Natural Law, the Third Sex Thule Society completely rejects the notion of belonging to any form of the Marxist "GBLT Community," and we embrace our Gentile races and cultures, instead.  Since our sexuality is only an aspect of ourselves, it is not about "GBLT Pride," but Gentile Pride, as being Gentile Satanists is what makes us who we are.  The Jewish people have successfully divided Gentiles over sexual orientation, due to their enforcement of Christian and Islamic so-called "morality," as well as flaunting sexuality in an unbalanced way, as to create backlashes against sexual freedom.  This must come to an end.   

Despite the hypocritical "Focus on the Family" Christians, since the Jewish character of Jesus Christ is all about destroying the family unit [see Matthew 10:34-40], the members of the Third Sex Thule Society strongly encourage the Gentile Pagan family unit, and we see to it that our Gentile peoples stick together and thrive, rather than perpetuating the Marxist "Us" [the Third Sex] versus "Them" [heterosexuals], when it comes to sexual orientation.  We, at the Third Sex Thule Society, shatter these Jewish inventions of Christianity, Islam, and Communism.  Everyone must do their Satanic duties in working for Satan and his cause, which leads to our freedom, as well as Satan's victory.

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